Third party inspectors = our #1 priority.

Third party inspections are an essential component of any organization’s Safety Compliance program. As a Safety Inspector, it’s your job to ensure that inspections happen efficiently, on schedule and with minimal disruption to your client’s business.

Your Challenge

Managing numerous inspection schedules for multiple clients poses significant challenges in itself. Yet, there are numerous other tasks that can make your job difficult:

  • Excessive paperwork
  • Data storage and filing
  • Duplication of work – back office data re-entry
  • Providing inspection data on demand

The Field iD Advantage

Field iD’s fully automated ISCM software makes manual inspections and data recording a thing of the past.

  • One-click inspections - scan compliance status on a handheld device
  • Paperwork is eliminated
  • Offer your client’s 24/7 access to inspection records
  • Secure data storage
  • Field iD eliminates the need to re-enter inspection data