Field iD and the CIO. A perfect match - technologically speaking.

Today's CIOs have emerged as the key executive in charge of ensuring that an organization’s information assets, operations and policies remain in line with strategic business objectives. 

Your Challenge

With regard to ISCM, a responsible CIO must ensure:

  • That compliance records are up to date
  • All data is properly stored and easily accessed
  • Data arrives in a format that is compatible with current systems

The Field iD advantage

Field iD offers the simplest way to ensure that a company’s compliance records are complete and available on a moment's notice. Our solution is easy to use, can be tailored to communicate with existing systems and is backed by N4 technical support.

  • Secured storage infrastructure
  • 24/7 data access by handheld device
  • Field iD can be tailored to communicate with existing systems such as Oracle or SAP
  • Full integration with ERP systems