As the utility sector evolves to accommodate our growing population’s energy, water and power needs, safety protocols must evolve along with them. Deploying Field iD creates a framework of compliance to ensure safety regulations are met and exceeded.

Your challenge

As a utility provider, you face a multitude of compliance issues when dealing with literally thousands of pieces of equipment and products.

  • How do I keep on top of paperwork for 1000s of pieces of equipment?
  • Which standard matches which piece of equipment?
  • How compliant are my sites?
  • What must I do to maintain compliance?
  • What is the compliance status of each piece of equipment?
  • Is my equipment safe?
  • Are my products safe?
  • Am I reducing safety compliance risk?
  • Am I ready for an audit?
  • Am I ready for an accident?

The Field iD advantage

By incorporating Field iD’s automated system into your safety program, you’re ensuring that your operation is safe, secure and compliant.

  • No questions - All documentation is digitized and stored securely
  • Identify and distinguish products on the job site
  • Safety and compliance checklists can be built right into Field iD
  • RFID technology simplifies product identification
  • Cradle to the grave product traceability
  • Real time usage reporting
  • Easy to use online product catalogue