Food Safety Software - Simplify Inspections, Traceability and Compliance

Food safety, QA/QC and inspections are major concerns for food processors and manufacturers. Safety inspections are essential to ensuring your processes and products are compliant with many different safety regulations. With the right food safety software solution, you can manage these important tasks with ease and accuracy.

Your Challenge

  • Do I have the proper records for all my equipment?
  • When was the last time my equipment was serviced and maintained?
  • Am I conducting and storing the required safety inspections?
  • How can I quickly and easily manage inspection scheduling?
  • What must I do to maintain compliance?
  • Am I ready for a food safety audit?
  • Can I provide safety traceability?

The Field iD Advantage

Field iD simplifies the food safety and inspection process. Digitize your safety processes and provide fully accessible safety documentation at any time.

  • All documentation digitized and stored securely
  • Mobile handheld devices to digitize the food safety inspection process
  • RFID technology for simple product and equipment identification
  • Cradle-to-grave product and equipment traceability
  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Real-time safety compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Quick and painless deployment

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