Energy and Compliance

Safety compliance is an essential component of doing business for companies involved in the production and sale of energy products.

Your challenge

Extracting fuels, refining them and distributing them to customers involves a great deal of machinery, each with their own Safety Compliance criterion. As such, numerous questions come into play.

  • How do I keep on top of paperwork for 1000s of pieces of equipment?
  • Which standards match which piece of equipment?
  • How compliant are my sites?
  • What must I do to maintain compliance?
  • What is the compliance status of each piece of equipment?
  • Is my equipment safe?
  • Am I reducing safety compliance risk?
  • Am I ready for an audit?
  • Am I ready for an accident?

The Field iD advantage

Eliminate guesswork from your next audit. A Field iD deployment is your first step toward ensuring that your entire product chain is safe, secure and compliant.

  • No questions - All documentation is digitized and stored securely
  • Identify and distinguish products on the job site
  • Safety standards are built right into Field iD
  • RFID technology simplifies product identification
  • Cradle to the grave product traceability
  • Real time usage reporting
  • Easy to use online product catalogue