Don’t Leave Gas Detection Safety up in the Air

Gas detection devices produce a lot of data that needs to be stored and analyzed.  Let Field ID take care of all your gas detection safety from beginning to end.

  • Portable gas detection devices
  • Fixed gas detectors

Your Challenge

Test, Calibrate and Review.  These are the rules of gas detection.  Keeping track of all this data can get extremely messy and unmanageable.  Not sure if a device is safe to operate?  Not sure if that bump test was performed?  Not sure when that gas detection device was last calibrated?  Field ID can help.

  • Using serial numbers to identify gas detection devices
  • No idea which portable gas detection device is assigned to who
  • No centralized way to manage test and calibration data
  • Can’t easily analyze data from gas detection units
  • Difficulty in managing which devices have been tested and calibrated and which haven’t

The Field ID advantage

  • Identify and distinguish devices using barcodes or RFID
  • Using mobile computers,  checks test and calibration of status of devices in the field
  • Manage your gas detection fleet – assign devices to people
  • All test and calibration data is stored safety and securely online
  • Analyze data from gas detection units in real-time
  • Automate the record keeping process