Give your Forklift Safety a Lift

Manage your forklift inspections with Field ID’s one-click inspection technology. Manage all types of lift trucks with Field ID.

  • Reach trucks
  • Order selectors
  • Motorized pallet truck
  • Swing mast trucks
  • Turret trucks
  • Internal combustion forklifts
  • Electric forklifts

Your Challenge

Keeping track of when and how to an inspect one forklift is hard enough. Managing a whole fleet becomes extremely difficult. Don’t know which inspection standards to use? Not sure which forklift has been inspected? Let Field ID take care of it.

  • Using serial numbers to identify forklifts
  • Excessive paperwork
  • Logbooks are out-of-date and get lost
  • Guesswork in inspection standards – i.e. ASME standards
  • Lengthy inspection times
  • Difficulty in managing which forklifts have been inspected and which haven’t

The Field ID Advantage

  • Identify and distinguish forklifts using barcodes or RFID
  • Using mobile computers, checks real time compliance status of each forklift
  • No questions - All documentation is digitized and stored securely
  • Safety standards are built right into Field ID
  • Simple walkthrough of compliance criteria
  • 24/7 access to equipment compliance status