Safety Widgets.

KPI's and activity graphs that will give you a real-time view into your safety programs.

he Field ID Safety Dashboard gives you the power to organize your most important safety inspection and compliance records at-a-glance. Completely customizable, this feature allows each user to personalize and arrange his or her safety information, ensuring that every Field ID user session begins with what matters most.

Field ID allows every user to add, remove, and re-position safety widgets on the Safety Dashboard. Simply put, this feature lets you move what's important to the front-and-centre of your daily safety management efforts. Widgets can be used to highlight assigned jobs, assets identified, assets by status, completed events, upcoming scheduled events, alerts and more! With the Safety Dashboard and widgets, you can manage your safety information in the way that fits your needs.

Your Dashboards.

Create multiple dashboards to customize views as you need them all in real-time.

Field iD allows you to create multiple dashboards so you can add widgets that are customized for specific people, locations or equipment. As well you can create dashboards for your Inspection and Audit program and your Lockout / Tagout Program.