Easy Schedule Setup.

Flexible rule based scheduling offers endless possibilities.

Safety professionals love Field iD’s scheduling functionality. Knowing what needs to be done to ensure safety compliance is a big task. Managing the process with a combination of paper, spreadsheets and outlook just doesn’t cut it. Field iD manages the entire scheduling process so you don’t have to worry about.

You can setup custom inspection and audit schedules based on the type of asset as well as based on who the inspection or audit is being performed for.

Recurring Events.

Setup recurring schedules either by rule or a defined trigger.

Many inspections occur on a recurring basis. Whether that's 3 times daily at the start of a shift or yearly Field iD allows you to setup recurring schedules.

Rule based schedules operate like scheduling a recurring meeting. Simply set the start date, frequency and even the ability to auto-assign schedules to employees and as long as the asset is being used the schedules will be created.

Event Trigger schedules allow you to trigger the next schedule from the date of the most recent completed inspection. So the day you do a inspection Field iD will automatically schedule the next one at the set pre-determined interval.