RFID / NFC Technology.

The quickest and safest way to identify assets and LOTO isolation points.

Think of RFID as a barcode on steroids. RFID tags don’t require a line of sight and are extremely rugged and durable. More and more manufacturers are tagging their products with RFID tags. RFID tags are commonly used in fall protection harnesses, lifting and rigging equipment, fire extinguishers, hoses and many more equipment types.

  • Out- of-the-box compatibility with high frequency (13.56Mhz, ISO15693) RFID tags
  • Extensive and diverse tagging options available
  • Easy to use RFID readers connect via USB or Bluetooth

Barcodes – Leverage a proven technology.

Out-of-the-box compatibility with the latest barcode technology.

Field ID is fully compatible with the latest barcode technology. Barcodes have been used for decades to identify assets. You might even have an existing barcode infrastructure that Field ID can leverage.

With Field iD Mobile you can use a device with a built-in dedicated barcode scanner or utilize your phones camera as a light-duty barcode reader.