Visually Inspect.

Conduct your Safe / Un-Safe Inspections with Field iD.

Conducting Safe / Un-Safe Observation Inspections shouldn't be hard. With Field iD's easy-to-use purpose built Observations module you'll be on the floor inspecting quickly.

With Field iD's Observation Based Inspection feature, facility/safety managers can visually inspection and record instances of safe and unsafe events around the facility in real time.

Collect data simply using up and down arrows to increase or decrease instances of safe, unsafe, unseen or any other criteria that was set up.

Evaluate Results.

Easily analyze the results on-screen or through PDF Reports .

Using the collected data is just as important as capturing the observations. That is why we’ve made evaluating the observations easy to use. You can define what constitutes a pass or failed inspection by setting either the total observations or percentages as the ranges of items observed.

When all observation based inspection events are completed, management can view all results, recommendations, actions, deficiencies in one simple report.