Advanced Easy-to-Use Checklist Builder.

Take your checklists from paper to electronic in minutes.

Field iD allows you to centrally manage, create and deploy checklists for your inspections and audits. Creating a new checklist couldn’t be easier with our checklist wizard.

Field iD allows to collect your data during an inspection using one-click buttons, text fields, numbers, drop-downs, signatures, measurements, dates and many more. Ensuring consistency from inspection to inspection has never been easier.

Work at your Desk or in the Field

Conduct Inspections and Audits using Field iD Web or Mobile.

Conduct inspections and audits either on the web or on a mobile device – it’s completely up to you! Our goal is to give you as many ways as possible to record an inspection. So whether you want to use a laptop, iPad or PDA, Field iD gives you the choice.

Conducting an inspection or audit in Field iD is as easy as touching the screen or clicking a mouse. Almost everything is template driven to increase speed, accuracy and consistency. Never guess what inspection standard you are supposed to use – Field iD takes all of that guesswork out safety compliance!

Field iD has a huge catalogue of predefined checklist templates for items such as harnesses, forklifts, ladders, rigging, cranes, hoses, and many more. Use or modify the templates or start from scratch, it’s completely up to you.