Flexible Alerts.

Alerts when you need them right to your Inbox.

Email notifications are the easiest and most effective way to remind you that an inspection or audit needs to be done. Have your safety tasks emailed to your inbox whenever you want.

You literally have to answer a couple of questions to get up and running with our email notification system. Nothing could be easier! Field ID allows you to setup custom email distribution lists so you can send emails to all the partners involved in your inspection audits. Whether they are your customers, team members or directors.

Using our template builder you can change the subject and message that will go along with the important information in the alerts.

Calendar Integration.

Quickly add work to your Outlook, Google Calendar and many more.

Every email that Field iD sends you with work assignments has the ability to be added to your Calendar. Simply click on the link in the email and all of the details will be added with the creation of a event in your calendar. Field iD support Outlook, Google Calendar and any other mail programs that support the iCalendar format.