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Really learn how Field iD can benefit your company. Whether you have a need for inspections, audits, Lockout / Tagout or any of the other features, a experienced Field iD representative will customize a 30-60 minute web demonstration for you. We'll go the extra mile to show you just how much Field iD can transform your compliance and safety programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I see on the demonstration?

Through a product demonstration, a number of areas of the software will be showcased. Whether it is the mobile inspections done in the field, or the data collection and analysis that happens back in the office, the demonstration will show you how Field iD fits your specific workflow. Do you have an aspect of the safety management process that particularly affects your business? Let our Sales Executive know and they will be sure to highlight the specific impact of Field iD on that workflow.

How long is the product demonstration?

To have the time to properly walkthrough the system and address any questions or comments you may have, the presentation will typically run anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. If you have any particular time concerns regarding the demonstration, our Sales Executive will work with you to best accommodate them.

How do I watch the presentation?

Prior to the presentation, you will be sent a meeting invitation containing all the information needed to view and participate in it. This will include a link to share the screen of a Field iD representative while also providing the phone number of a conference line; you will not only be able to view the system as the demonstration occurs, but also communicate with the presenter. This allows you to be engaged and involved in the presentation without having to leave the comfort of your office or workplace.

What do I need to provide before the demonstration?

In order to best illustrate the fit of Field iD in your workflow, a sample inspection or audit form that you currently use should be provided. This will ensure the demonstration showcases exactly what using the system will look like for you.